Suede Cleaner

Suede Cleaner


Our spot-treatment Suede Cleaner cleans some of the toughest stains on suede shoes, boots, coats, and more. It gently conditions and softens suede without effecting the nap and color of the material.

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About PLF Suede Cleaner

Suede is a sensitive and delicate material. A brand new pair of suede boots can be ruined by just a small spill or wrong step into the mud. Our spot-treatment Suede Cleaner is capable of cleaning some of the toughest stains, without effecting the nap and color of the material. 

  • Includes a PLF Nylon Brush
  • Easy removal of dirt, non-toxic, works quickly
  • Spot-treatment formula 
  • Water-based and environmentally benign


  • Apply a small amount of Suede Cleaner to clean cloth and rub stained area gently.
  • Wipe off excess.
  • Allow Suede Cleaner to penetrate for 10 minutes. Brush suede with PLF nylon brush back to it's original nap.