About Prime Leather Finishes 

Prime Leather Finishes has been supplying superior products to the leather and shoe industry since 1931, when it was founded by Arthur William Welch.

The Great Depression forced people to extend the wear of their footwear,  as money for new shoes and boots was extremely tight. Fast forward to the modern era:

What separates Prime Leather Finishes’ Leather Care products from the myriad of other creams, polishes, cleaners, waxes, and conditioners is this:

We supply factory finishes to almost all of the tanneries and shoe/boot companies in the Unites States as well as over 70 other countries! 

Our technicians are in the factories working with the latest leathers available. Most of the leather care products on the market feature formulations that have gone unchanged for decades. Others offer slick and modern packaging but have never been tested in factory conditions or met the demands of the newest chrome and Veg-tanned leathers. The products we are introducing to the online retail market are the cumulative result of 85 years of leather chemistry. You will not be disappointed!


Arthur Welch, Founder

Arthur Welch, Founder

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